Bray Heritage


Bray Heritage offers a full range of professional consulting services in the research, inventory, evaluation, planning, and development of cultural heritage resources.

To us, heritage is not an obstacle: it is an opportunity.

We have a unique approach to dealing with heritage. It is based on a pragmatic understanding of the planning and development process augmented by pioneering academic research and creative urban design. Most of all, we inspire people to care about places and to actively enhance them.

Our philosophy is one of finding value in places, of recognizing heritage as a key element of sustainable development, and of respecting the past as a source of inspiration for the future.

We use heritage resources to add value to places by revealing layers of history and meaning, by translating people’s feelings into actions, by engaging the public, and by creating partnerships to realize potential.

For an example of our approach applied to an historic place, look at this interactive map.

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