Bray Heritage

    • Old Sydenham Heritage Conservation District Study and Plan
    • Kingston, ON
    • City of Kingston
    • 2008-present
    • Prime Consultant:
    • Bray Heritage

Old Sydenham

The neighbourhood located just west of the downtown of this historic Eastern Ontario city contains one of Canada’s finest collections of heritage resources in an urban setting. The housing, institutions and parks show evidence of over 200 years of development and are remarkably intact.

The current study and plan add a significant layer of investigation to previous efforts by private citizens and the municipality. The inventory and evaluation covered over 500 properties and involved updating existing information as well as adding new documentation. Public consultation was an integral part of the planning process as is a close working relationship with municipal staff.

The current phase of plan and guidelines seeks to address some of the unique challenges of this neighbourhood in ways that will serve as precedents for future conservation district planning in Kingston. Carl is lead consultant and heritage planner for a team of land use and policy planners, architects and urban designers, historians and architectural conservation specialists.

View an interactive map of Old Sydenham

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