Bray Heritage

    • Cambridge Heritage Master Plan
    • Cambridge, ON
    • City of Cambridge
    • 2006-2008
    • Prime Consultant:
    • Bray Heritage


This innovative plan demonstrates the advantages of capitalizing on a community’s heritage assets. It is a comprehensive heritage management plan and development strategy for the amalgamated communities of Blair, Hespeler, Preston and Galt, all former industrial communities straddling the Grand River, west of Toronto.

The plan included an inventory and evaluation of the city’s heritage resources, a review of municipal heritage management and development practices, an assessment of the economic benefits of conservation and cultural tourism development, and an action plan that set priorities and identified responsibilities. Carl was lead consultant and heritage planner for the team of architects, historians, conservators and tourism and management consultants.

Work involved extensive public consultation as well as field study. A thematic history of the city’s development served as a basis for identifying key projects as well as “character areas” within the city in which conservation and development initiatives can begin. The plan was passed unanimously by City Council and is being implemented.

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