Bray Heritage

    • Brooklin Heritage Conservation District Study and Plan
    • Whitby, ON
    • Town of Whitby
    • 2006-2008
    • Prime Consultant:
    • Bray Heritage


Brooklin Village, located on the northern edge of the expanding community of Whitby, east of Toronto, is surrounded by suburban development and is bisected by major road corridors. The core of the original settlement, with buildings and associated cultural landscapes, remains intact and is worthy of conservation.

The Heritage Conservation District Study and Plan, the first for this municipality, were based on the assumption that new infill development was possible if designed to fit into the existing village setting. Carl was lead consultant and heritage planner for the project team of architects, archaeologists and historians.

The study identified the heritage resources to be conserved and the plan and guidelines provided detailed recommendations for compatible development. The urban design guidelines showed examples of both good and bad infill and used case studies of existing sites to demonstrate ways in which new development could harmonize with the existing buildings and landscapes. The designating bylaw was approved by Council, without objection, and the district plan is now being implemented.

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