Bray Heritage

    • University Avenue Streetscape Plan
    • Kingston, ON
    • Queen’s University
    • 2005
    • Prime consultant:
    • du Toit Allsopp Hillier (with Bray Heritage, Jennifer McKendry, Ventin Architects, McCormick Rankin Corp., Gabriel Design)

University Ave

photo credit: du Toit Allsopp Hillier

The main spine of the Queen’s campus was once a suburban street on the edge of a military parade ground. As the university grew, it encompassed this street and lined it with key university buildings. Pressure from increased traffic and deterioration of the existing vegetation spurred the university to consider a major facelift: a substantial donation by two alumni made such a project possible.

Carl Bray, assisted by historian Jennifer McKendry, produced a history of the street that provided the rationale for the final design, in which the central median was removed and the verges widened to incorporate new planting and commemorative elements. The street has since been fully refurbished with new paving, street furniture and planting.

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