Bray Heritage

    • Lake Ontario Park Revitalization Plan
    • Kingston, ON
    • City of Kingston
    • 2006-2007
    • Prime consultant:
    • Bray Heritage

Lake Ontario Park

photo credit: Jennifer McKendry

This major urban park on Kingstonís waterfront was originally developed by the local streetcar company as a means of attracting passengers. It has since become a favourite day use park for residents and visitors alike but, in recent years, has become run down and in need of refurbishment.

Carl was lead consultant and heritage planner for the team of landscape architects and historians chosen by the City to address this need. Our task was to develop a multi-year strategy for the park’s revitalization as a public asset and establish planning principles and a preliminary master development plan. An important aspect of the project was preparation of a detailed history of the site’s development, in which were revealed links to the War of 1812, to First Nations, and to elements remaining from over 100 years of private and public investment.

The core of the planning process was an extensive public consultation process involving a multi-stakeholder advisory committee, City staff, and a municipality-wide survey to determine the preferred revitalization strategy and preliminary park design. Thanks to the efforts of those involved, the consensus reached across the City favoured enhancement of the waterfront for public access and swimming, habitat restoration and demonstration projects for sustainable development, interpretation of the siteís long history, and priority given to family and community activities in choosing future park uses. Based on the recommendations in our plan, the City has since proceeded with detailed design, and the first phases of revitalization are now underway.

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