Bray Heritage

    • Vancouver Island Biosphere Centre
    • Parksville, BC
    • Interpretive Centre Industrial Adjustment Service Committee
    • 2003-2004
    • Prime Consultant:
    • The Tourism Company (with Bray Heritage, Lees and Associates Consulting) Parksville, BCInterpretive Centre Industrial Adjustment Service Committee2003-2004

Mount Arrowsmith

photo credit: D'Arcy McKittrick

The Mount Arrowsmith World Biosphere Reserve, located mid-way up Vancouver Island’s eastern coast, contains rare and varied temperate coastal and marine ecosystems. Interpreting this important environmental reserve and capitalizing on its economic potential required development of an interpretive centre.

Carl Bray worked closely with the lead consultant and project landscape architect in conducting research and field study for the proposed interpretive centre. Work included an inventory and evaluation of the Reserve’s natural and cultural heritage resources that, in turn, informed an interpretation strategy and tourism development plan. These components became the basis for determining the optimum site and plan for the proposed interpretive centre.

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